​What Darnlight Skin Care LED Mask do?

The mask was created and improved to resolve the symptoms of many conditions. Light is a form of energy that is measured as a stream of particles called photons. There are different types of photons light energies. The wavelength of the light is expressed in nanometers (nm) and different wavelengths interact in different ways. An example would be X-rays which pass through the soft tissues allowing them to see inside of the body. The visible lights, used in the Darnlight Skin Care LED Mask ranges from 400nm (violet) to 700nm (red). The power levels are not enough strong to damage the skin or tissue. The skin’s photoreceptors are activated by exposing the light to the surface of the skin and let the cells absorb the energy. Light will be effect differently to the skin surface according to the chosen wavelength and color. 

Is the LED light therapy is safe?

Darnlight Skin Care LED Mask is considered to be a safe and well-tolerated therapy device for the relief of many condition symptoms. The LED mask therapy doesn't use harmful ultraviolet light (UV), which can damage skin and cause cells to mutate.

How long does it take to see results?

According to clinical studies, the first results were visible after only one week of treatment and improved over time. The speed of the effects depends on individual conditions.


Are all LED face masks the same?

Most of the LED masks are very similar. As a rule, all LED masks are supposed to affect similar conditions, but most of them are made of poor quality LEDs.  After the world wide feedback of many of our customers, it can be stated that the Darnlight Skin Care LED Mask is the leader among the best quality masks.  LED lights in the mask with brightening face serum and derma roller give satisfaction with the best complete treatment on the market. 

How should I prepare the skin for LED Light Therapy?

To get the best results from Led Light Therapy, do it most professionally. Treat it with high-quality products. Also, remember to sleep well, hydrate, and moisturize your face every day before the treatment.

What should skin types try serum with LED light therapy?

The combination of LED light therapy with serum and microneedling roller suits all skin types. It doesn't matter if it's wrinkles or fine lines or other ailments. Everyone will find a solution for themselves. 

What is the right age for LED light therapy and serum use?

Age does not matter, any woman who feels she wants a change in her skin can use LED light therapy.

How to use Darnlight Complete LED Set?

As in the best professional beauty studios, prepare the skin for therapy by micro-needling it with a derma roller. Then wash and dry face. Sit down in a convenient place, then turn on the LED mask and set the mode that suits you the best (color, intensity, and duration of therapy). We fully undergo a pleasant skin renewal treatment for the next minutes. When the treatment is finished, spread the serum over the face to provide the skin with the best ingredients.