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Not Only Face Can Betray Your Age

We mentioned that the first place many people will look at when trying to guess our age is our face… In reality, though, this isn’t the best choice! It’s the hands that very often hold the key to our age and these can regularly give us away. Many A-list actresses openly admit that they hide their hands from photos! So the question is: how can you keep your hands looking youthful?

Protecting Your Hands

Again, the key here is to protect the hands rather than try and undo the damage once it’s already wrought. There are several ways you can accomplish this but one is to once again use a skincare regimen. That will mean using a protective cream as well as a rejuvenating moisturizer.
Hydration is very important and drinking lots of water will help with this too. You can also use an exfoliating soap to try and remove that dead skin and once again, using a self-tanning moisturizer can help too.


Yes, moisturizing really is worth your time. Keep a bottle by your sink and then make sure that you are creaming your hands every time you wash them – as washing removes the natural moisture.
You should also strive to avoid all those things that will make your skin even more dried out. That includes hand sanitizer (you also don’t need this – you aren’t that prone to germs!) and it definitely means avoiding the hand drier – choose the towel every single time!

Additional Solutions

For women, using jewelry and possibly wearing a bold nail varnish color can help too. Why?
Because it allows you to attract attention away from your skin. And men, there’s no reason that you can’t do the same thing with a nice watch or a ring. But at the same time, you also need to think about what you’re doing to your hands that is causing more damage. For example, if you wash up the dishes regularly, then you should be wearing gloves. It’s that simple.
The perfumes and other chemicals in soaps can otherwise cause eczema and other problems. Gloves are also going to help if you engage in sports or pull up weeds. But ultimately, the key to making your hands look young is the same as making your facial skin look young.
Moisturize, exfoliate, and protect. At the same time, eat well, get lots of sleep, and make sure your whole body is supported by a healthy diet and lifestyle.