What is the Led Light Therapy?

The cutting edge of the beauty industry - healing range of light waves. Skin rejuvenation in a simple and effective way like never before.

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The Skin You’ve Always Wanted In 3 Easy Steps


Microneedle your skin with Darnlight Derma Roller, the essential step for best results.


With Darnlight Photodynamic Mask on face, select program based on your needs.


Massage Darnlight Brightening Serum into skin to hydrate and soothe.

Why Darnlight?

We cherish the lofty idea, that the best makeup of every woman is her healthy skin. We are devoted striving to achieve the best possible solution for these who believe in it too. And that's how the Darnlight Complete LED Set set was created...

See why

Different women. Different age. Same needs.

Everyone has their own story.

Sarah M.

Business Woman 41 y.o.

"A lot of stress gave me health problems. As well my skin aged faster. So I looked for something simple and effective to resolve my skin's problem. I discovered Darnlight Complete LED Set. It had everything I needed. The results suprised me after 5 weeks of regular cures. I love it."

Ashley R.

Mother of 3 children 45 y.o.

"With my little 3 chldren I have a lot to activities. Without time for myself. Darnlight Complete LED Set gave me freedom feelling. Pleasent treatments take my worries away. And wrinkles too. My skin became more elastic and firm. I don't need anything else for my skincare anymore."

Olive F.

Photomodel 26 y.o

"In my work, I have to treat my skin especially carefully. Darnlight products made it possible. My skin stays firm and lights all the time. And my redness disappeared only after 6 treatments! I won't use anything else anymore."

Juliet W.

Hairdresser 36 y.o.

"Thanks to Darnlight Skin Care LED Mask my skincare routine is much nicer and less boring. Before I often neglected taking care of my skin, because it bored me a lot. Now I can't wait when I start my skincare routine. It's simple but addictive."

Elizabeth S.

Professional gardener 54 y.o.

"Skin inflammation tired me a lot. I read that LED Light Therapy is the best solution. And It was true. Red light helped me get rid of it. I'm thankful to Darnlight. And now I can feel like a star."

Lucy W.

Student 23 y.o.

"I had enough of my acne. I treateted it every possible way. Finally I found Darnlight Complete LED set. It was bull's-eye. I got rid of tiring acne in few weeks. Now I'm happy with my new face and continue "3 step rejuvenation" with this set."


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